Ok…so I’m in LOVE!!!

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

There is no middle ground.”

There’s nothing like an evil Queen to ruin your night and make you wish you’d gone to bed early, except this is the evil Queen Cersei Lannister. Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t help get drawn into her scandalous battle with Daenerys Targaryen in the battle for the Iron Throne, or her unusual penchant for brotherly love. Watch at your own peril because once you watch it, you’re gonna be hooked. Cersei’s character is played by the talented British actress Lena Headey. I remember first seeing her in Merlin and then again in the 300, which call me sad but I actually enjoyed that movie. Maybe I enjoyed Gerard Butler….I don’t know anymore. Lena Headey recently sold her Sherman Oaks, 2,992-square-foot, 1950’s mid-century modern home making a bucket load in profit. In 2014, she bought the property at the nice price of US$790,000 (AUD$980,000) and sold it at a final price of US$2,050,000 (AUD$3,300,000), getting a higher price than what she had originally listed it for. Happy happy days. Lena bought the property as a fixer upper and envisioned a home that didn’t have what she calls “grand Los Angelean” features. “It’s not my vibe,” she says. It has an open-plan layout with exposed beams that are so hot right now and which I imagine might have made her feel slightly more at home in the US. In the end it wasn’t enough to make her stay, and now Lena and her family are all packed up and heading back to the English countryside. I love that the home has a slight Moroccan feel to its modern look which gives it some easy character that’s pleasing to the eye. And I love those blue and white geometric floor tiles.

Even though I love to hate Cersei, I absolutely love Lena. She is so real and speaks openly about mental health, another topic I happen to be hugely passionate about…From her twitter account she has shared some great pearls of wisdom, “Anxiety. Depression. It’s real and It’s chemical. It’s also spiritual… stay with me everyone (and before you ask, yes I’m ok)”, and also this great piece of advice which is just grand, “Let’s REMEMBER that. Don’t be afraid to let someone really SEE you. Magic happens when you are vulnerable and truthful and HUMAN.” Beautiful advice.

cersei-lannister-lena-headey-game-of-thrones-4k-portrait-wallpaper-6163 Lena Headey 1, who plays villainous queen Cersei Lannister in HBO_s “Game of Thrones,” has more than doubled her money on her Los Angeles padxlarge_wlzqbi1sgjkqidhb Lena Headey 2 596f829a4a8477124196a287-origin Lena Headey 2a Lena Headey 3 pad0510lena6 Lena Headey 4 Los Angeles padLena 4 Lena Headey 5 Lena Headey 6 Lena asked Ted Broden of Envision Design Build of West Hollywood to leave the structural beams that were installed during construction in the kitchen and family room as is. Lena Headey 7 The herringbone flooring is reclaimed oak from a Kentucky tobacco farm. Lena says, “It feels so good on your bare feet; it’s really soft wood.” Lena Headey 8 Lena Headey 8a Lena Headey 9 Lena Headey 10 Lena Headey 11 Lena Headey 11a Lena Headey 12 Lena Headey 13 Lena Headey 13a Lena Headey 14a   Lena Headey 15 Lena Headey 16 Lena Headey 17 Lena Headey 18 Lena Headey 19 Lena Headey 20 lena headey 21 Look at those amazing Swedish patterned tiles. They look great next to the white subway tiles. Lena Headey 21a Lena Headey 22 Lena Headey 22a Lena Headey 23 Lena Headey 24Lena Headey house plan  

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