Creating a Haven for Your Littlies

When my oldest daughter Jennifer was a baby I desperately wanted to create a magical space for her to not only sleep and play but also for her to feel safe. Darren and I did our best with the little money we had to make her room look sweet and special. We were always scouting for pretty or creative things that would fire up her imagination. We had an incredibly tight budget back then and could only afford sale and secondhand items. Now that we’re grandparents we get to try our hand at creating a new and visually exciting room for our grand-daughter. Scouting the internet for ideas, there are so many wonderfully creative people putting together amazing rooms for their children. Here’s some of my favorites.


These house frame beds are the latest craze for DIY-selfers and they really do look great in kids bedrooms. There are so many great DIY sites to help you save money and that can help you on your way if you feel like getting creative and a little bit dirty. The Design Confidential has a great plan you can use to build this bed at

Ana White’s site is fantastic. There are so many different beds to choose from. She also has an abundance of free plans on her site so you can build just about anything. For the bed below go to For the rest of her plans you can go to

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