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So you made a New Years resolution to lose weight, develop patience, meditate or keep a gratitude journal. For me it was to become more organised with my time. 2017 was full of challenges and it threw out any consistency or routine I believed I had and left me at times feeling like I was drowning in a sea of confronting and overwhelming issues. So I decided that to start off I would organize my closet and save time not having to hunt for everything I needed.

When life gets overwhelming anything can be a challenge including the small stuff….and organising a closet can be an arduous journey but I’ve definitely been there before….multiple times now. But once upon a time I had no idea where to start?

10 years ago after the birth of my second daughter I had friends and family give me so many gifts. I kind of shoved everything into the wardrobe half organizing them as they went in. It was only a couple of months after that I sorely regretted what I had done.

I had been so tired that I just let everything build up and by the time I felt like I had the energy to deal with the mess it had gotten crazy huge. Soooo not good….oh where to start????

I didn’t have internet at that time because it still wasn’t available where I lived and so I had to learn the hard way how to sort out all that stuff out.

To start off I’m going to tell you something you probably already know….the key is to keep things organised from the get go, but if you’re overwhelmed by the equivalent of falling into an abyss and never being seen again then I’ve got some tips for you.

SPOILER ALERT… really, it is a warning – it’s going to get messier before it gets cleaner so be prepared to put in a bit of time getting it sorted. Try not to get overwhelmed by the sight of it all. The relief and pride you feel after you’ve finished is definitely worth the time and effort.

I pulled everything out of my robe and threw it on my bed then that way I had to deal with it before bed giving myself an entire day to sort it. It sounds extreme but I refolded everything and started making piles.


Step 1…You’ll need bags…maybe even a moving truck hehehe…. Obviously this is for the things that you will sell or donate.

one_kings_lane_catescloset_baby and bags

Step 2…Decide what you will keep and what will go. Ask yourself some of the questions below to help you out.

closet quest

Step 3…Most wardrobes come with the standard shelf and rod. By adding extra shelving and rods you increase the use of space. Another option is replacing it with a brand new storage system like the Elvarli system from Ikea as seen below. And no, I’m not being paid to say that but goodness I wish I was.


Step 4…Invest in some baskets or boxes to help organise shoes, bags, t-shirts, or whatever you tend to keep in your closet. K-mart has some great cost effective baskets that won’t break the budget too much. The Skubb and Kompliment range from Ikea are also a great investment on a small budget. If you want to get a little extreme you can even buy tags to tell you which basket is which.

wardrobe kinfolkandsoul skubb A great example of the Skubb range at Ikea.

Step 5…This is where you have to start thinking outside the box. People over the years have come up with some great ideas to save on space. Hang jeans and camisoles on S hooks. Hang a rod on the wall in your closet or a coat rack and hang your scarves on it. You can buy tiered coat hangers from places like Howards Storage World and hang several pairs of skirts and pants on them. Belts can be stored in small baskets and caps can be hung on shower hooks on a coat hanger.

kinfolkandsoul storage ideas

Step 6…You can find handbag hangers on ebay that hold several handbags or you can store them in a box. The box is better off being just an ordinary box as anything with a pattern (rattan, wire) can leave markings on your bag.

kinfolkandsoul handbag

Step 7…Don’t be afraid to get a little creative. Hats can be stacked, boxed or displayed as you can see below. Hats clearly make a great artistic statement piece unless you’re like me and literally own just the one.

kinfolkandsoul closet ideas 5

Step 8…Shoes…I love them so much but they certainly have a tendency to get in the way when they come off and get tossed into the closet (or just out of) and become a death trap waiting to happen. For me it’s imperative to keep my floorspace clear because if there’s something left there then I can guarantee that I’ll find it and trip on it.

Again shoes can be boxed or shelved. We have a massive old bureau that we put in the garage that we use for extra shoe storage and the girls school bags. My girls have a basket that they keep under their beds that have their shoes that they use the most in them.

kinfolkandsoul closet ideas11

Step 8…This is my final one, and I only put it in here because I’m a bit of a weirdo who loves umbrellas. Especially girly ones. I had a big old floral tin vase from years ago that I didn’t use for anything and so I decided that I’d use for my umbrellas and now it sits in my entry under the hall table.

With all that said I hope you had a wonderful new year and made some great resolutions. Have fun organising my friends….

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