A Clever Balance: Traditional + Modern = Transitional

In traditional Chinese philosophy yin yang is a complementary interrelated and contradictory dualistic force, often viewed as positive + negative, masculine + feminine, light + dark, etc. The two opposites don’t set out to dominate the other, instead they work to balance and compliment the other. Without this balance brings chaos. The concept of transitional design is like yin and yang setting out to highlight the beautiful qualities of each other in an interior setting, although you could use that philosophy in any design.

Transitional itself was born from the marriage of contemporary and traditional design and has become an easy favorite for both designers and home owners because of its simplified sophistication, its timeless look and harmonious feel.

Traditional is more inspired by the antiquated design steeped in a rich luxurious coziness straight out of the 17th century. Traditional is beautiful but can sometimes feel a little gilded, old-fashioned or overdone for me as I prefer a more relaxed “easier on the eye” look. Transitional incorporates the same concept as minimalism, that too much decoration is overwhelming for the senses and so therefore attempts to keep the look less busy and more serene.

How do you get the look? This one’s quite easy….with its neutral undertones and understated ornamentation you’ll get your home looking stylish in few easy steps.

Start with your natural earthy elements like stone, warm coloured woods like mahogany or chestnut, and leather. I love cows and would have hundreds for pets if I could so I prefer fabric, but I do understand that people love leather as a personal preference…..

productsWalls should be in a neutral palette, so colors like ivory, tan, amazing creamy vanillas or grey should be used. Windows remain simplified. If patterned keep it sleek and not overdone. You’ll find that with transitional it adopts a more modern minimalist look and uses only one main flamboyant piece, and never really more than a couple.

  kinfolk&soul transitional 3

Furniture itself will depend on the atmosphere. Do you have traditional architectural features such as an ornamental fireplace or trims and moldings? Then go for the straight, slimline furniture and neutral tone fabrics. Geometric patterns are a personal preference. If you have less ornamental features, then go for the more rounded, traditional furniture pieces to achieve that balance of masculine and feminine.

kinfolk&soul transitional 5

When it comes to transitional kitchens the focus is still on texture rather than color. Use limestone, granite or marble for the benchtop with streamlined cabinetry with simple hardware. If the kitchen already has a traditional look then you might be able to get away with having a stainless steel benchtop. To add some class, try hanging a contemporary pendant light over the kitchen bench.

kinfolk&soul transitional kitchen (2) Take a look at these transitional interiors to further illustrate its simple elegance. kinfolk&soul transitional by Donna Mondi Interior Design kinfolk&soul transitional 1 kinfolk&soul transitional 4 kinfolk&soul transitional dark-stained-wood-ceiling-beams kinfolk&soul transitional dining kinfolk&soul transitional master-bedroom-with-wallpaper-and-window-seat kinfolk&soul transitional 2 kinfolk&soul transitional edonnersberg apartment_paris kinfolk&soul transitional -Bedroom kinfolk&soul transitional edgcumbe-road-mn-martha-ohara kinfolk&soul transitional eggshell-vs-satin-for-a-transitional-living-room-with-a-moulding-and-greenwich-penthouse-by-tiffany-eastman-interiors-llc kinfolk&soul transitional hinsdale kinfolk&soul transitional interior-millwork-bedroom-transitional-with-tufted-headboard-traditional-wall-mirrors kinfolk&soul transitional Julia-Cutler-Interior-Design-Massachusetts kinfolk&soul transitional Marie-Flanigan-Light-Bright-Living-Room-Earthy-Organic-Wood-Beams kinfolk&soul transitional kitchen- kinfolk&soul transitional living kinfolk&soul transitional Transitional Home Office kinfolk&soul transitional Kitchen kinfolk&soul transitional living-room-with-crown-molding-and-wainscoting transitional-home-design-transitional-home-design-drummond-house-with-photo-of-inexpensive-transitional-home-design transitional-bathroom-designs-ideas-drury-design-elegant_bathroom-remodel  

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