Stylist Simone Harouche Turns Interior Designer

What do J.Lo, Miley Cyrus and Nicole Ritchie have in common? They all have the wonderful and insanely talented costume designer and stylist Simone Harouche dressing them. She even made the Hollywood’s top 25 most powerful stylists along with Tanya Gill, L’Wren Scott, and my least favorite at No.1, Rachel Zoe.

Simone has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale & Panic at the Disco, as well as her close friend since childhood Kim Kardashian, who classes Simone as a hero for calling the police the night of her Paris robbery. I’m even more jealous that she’s worked with photographers like John Rankin, Ellen von Unwerth & Mark Seliger amongst others.

After the Paris robbery Simone said, “After getting off the plane after what happened, all I wanted to do was just come to my house. It always just felt comforting. I never felt weird after that about the security or anything … Just because my house, you know, it’s your safe place.”

Simone isn’t a slow mover, it only took her a few years after graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York to climb her way to key stylist after she started in fashion in 2002. Her first major job was none other than Christina Aguilera’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party, who had been promoting her “Back to Basics” album in 2006.

She also has her own company making gorgeous boho shoulder bags called Simone Camille.

As a confessed vintage junkie, Simone likes to travel the globe collecting beautiful pieces for her wardrobe and home. It was clearly only a matter of time before she turned her styling talents towards interior design.

The celebrity stylist originally had a 1930’s colonial style home in Beverly Hills, California, with her husband Marc Bretter, a commercial real estate agent, which they moved into after their wedding.

Simone had originally hired Courtney Applebaum to decorate the home before having any children and had been flirting with the idea for some time of giving her home a makeover after the birth of her first child. ” I decorated our house before Dashiel was even a thought in our minds. I am sad to say that pretty much everything is non kid-centric. I didn’t really take into consideration the concept of sharp corners when choosing pieces.”

Their next home was a beautiful 1920’s Spanish-style home. This time Simone felt more comfortable with the design concept and took on the challenge of decorating the home herself. Friends commented that a wall should be taken out to create a larger kitchen area, “but that’s not a Spanish home …. Part of their character is in those little spaces or in the archways” she states. She believes in respecting and admiring the original architecture of a home.

Simone has said that her home vibe is definitely eclectic. “I like interesting pieces, but also want to make sure it’s all comfortable and cozy. I want the room to look inviting but also interesting. My taste ranges from traditional to mid-century to a little bohemian. But Somehow, I think it all comes together in a somewhat cohesive way.”

Simone stated on Instagram about how much she loved interior design and that she was working on a complete home redesign. On her choice of changing careers she said, “I kind of just allowed myself to make choices and be like, OK, it might be a mistake but at least you are following your instincts.”

When it comes to the redesign, the work is beautiful. With Simone’s lack of formal interior education, it allowed her to look at her home in a more open-minded perspective which allowed for a lot more creativity. Creativity was the winner of the day, as those who’ve seen her home were inspired by her work and have since become her clients.simone harouche 2

Here in the living room the sausalito tiles are painted with white epoxy to create openness and contrast. The built-in shelving match the beautiful exposed beams to create a sense of neutrality. Small touches like the swing and the painting in the background hint at Simone’s playfulness. simone harouche 4

When asked about the risk of hanging a swing she says, “The joke is like everyone who walks in, ‘Are you OK? This is insane,’” says Simone. Insane because who puts a tree swing in a home, and insane because who puts a tree swing beside a glass coffee table when they have two adorable, wee babes?

Visitors come around though once they sit on it. “They are like, ‘I really like this. This is really relaxing,’” says Simone. After all, “it’s still an adults house, too.”

simone harouche 3 (2)

When it come to the kitchen, Simone wanted a brass island. Even though her husband thought it was crazy, the end result was worth the risk and definitely makes a statement.

simone harouche 3

It took four months to complete her Børge Mogensen dining set after she fell in love with two vintage chairs that she had seen and had to have. It was well worth the effort.

simone harouche 6simone harouche 5

The bathroom itself utilizes reclaimed tiles from Italy giving it a clever mix of old modern.

simone harouche 7

Simone builds rooms around statement pieces the same way she would craft an outfit around a statement dress or shoe “so that everything works together in a fluid way.” Although Simone loves her vintage finds, for the headboard in her bedroom, she bought a slab of wood from Northern California and had her nightstands custom made, creating a natural and serene environment.

simone harouche 8 simone harouche 9

Knowing that Simone has clients, I can’t wait to see what work she produces in the future….

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