Hello & welcome fellow interior enthusiasts…..I’m Evii-Alison and I’m the creator of Kinfolk&Soul.

I know pretty much nothing about interior decorating from a schooled perspective. I met my partner Darren at 17, we had our first baby when I was 19, and we didn’t make enough money to send me to school so I was the stay at home mum while my partner worked. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mum, but sometimes you feel academically stifled and creatively stuck. I had such big dreams of success when I was a child, and while those dreams seem so far away now, I have never given up on the idea of doing something I love, and blogging is such a beautiful platform to connect, brainstorm, and share with others. So hello world, here I am…..

What I do know is that I love everything home related so building a blog on interiors made sense to me. Kinfolk&Soul is an ambassador to home style, giving a shout out to great designers and products here in Australia and across the way, trying to help you make your home the haven you truly deserve.